Why Direct Management Controls?

Direct Management Controls (casually nicknamed Direct M) is an innovative company that develops cutting-edge solutions for comprehensive heating and cooling control.
Founded by tech-generation entrepreneurs with deep experience in the field, Direct M delivers a suite of services that deliver unparalleled control and savings.


Direct Management Controls addresses all yours needs in the areas of:

  • Controlling your heat and hot water systems
  • Monitoring ongoing changes in building temperature
  • Alerting you of complications in a corrective, timely manner
  • and much more

Best of all, our DM-7500 is approved by both Con Edison and National Grid for their incentive programs.

How It Works

At the center of it all is our DM-7500.

Direct M’s flagship system, the DM-7500, is an exceptionally capable combination of hardware and software applications. We start by installing a network of smart wireless thermometers throughout your building. These sensors record non-stop accurate ambient temperatures of individual units, entire floors, and hallways.
This smart network can be customized to adapt to open architecture, skip a floor, and include building extensions or even adjacent buildings. There is no limit to the amount or type of set points that can be covered. Once installed, the data collected from the sensors is refreshed every 3.5 minutes and fed directly to our automated boiler control.


a DM-7500 from Direct M, you’ll enjoy a drastically improved control system for your heating and cooling resources. Moreover, our system’s revolutionary approach to costeffective decision-making will save you as much as 25% on your fuel costs – all with virtually zero maintenance from your end, thus eliminating the possibility of human error.
Your DM-7500 will also free you, your super, and your other management personnel from having to remain in close proximity to your boiler room: The system is connected to the cloud, so you can monitor it from your computer or mobile device anywhere, anytime. Complications are also detected early and reported by email or phone per your request.


Direct Management’s system is easy to install, simple to use, and very affordable, utilizing advanced technologies to monitor and control the most expensive and the highest-consuming equipment in your building. This system is designed to be monitored, controlled and accessible from any web browser. While the current data can be viewed by selecting a date range, historical data can be accessed and downloaded in PDF or CSV format.

For convenience and ease of integration, the Direct Management system was designed to be a truly plug-and-play solution.




Most New York City buildings in existence today were built in an era of fairly inexpensive fuel. While their boiler and hot water systems are the biggest energy consumers, their controls were very limited. Finding out that the boiler system was down was usually the result of frustrated calls from the tenants or – even worse – a 311 complaint. The DM-7500 was created to fill this gap in service.


Gateway Module:

Know how to use Google on your phone? It’s just as easy to use our plug-and-play DM-7500! Stay in daily contact with all your energy devices, or automate their functions and relax – it’s your choice. Either way, start saving on energy now.

All DM-7500 systems begin with a gateway and an Internet connection. First, connect the gateway to the local router. Next, sit back as the gateway establishes a secure line of communication with the Direct M servers. Then, register your devices online and install them. As new devices are added to your system, they begin to “talk” to the already-established gateway, which in turn talks to the servers, creating the state-of-the-art Internet connectivity.

No Internet? No Problem!

Don’t have an existing network connection where you need it most? The DM-7500 cellular gateway enables your DM-7500 wireless sensors to communicate with the Direct M online wireless sensor monitoring controls and notification system via a cellular network.

This is the perfect solution for remote locations or where reliance on an existing Internet connection is not an option. The new cellular gateway is an advanced, all-wireless M2M gateway that enables fast time-to-market solutions for a wide range of M2M applications. Our DM-7500 cellular gateway is based on the latest dual-band CDMA wireless engine, and is integrated with Direct Management’s wireless access network (WAN) for use with all Direct M wireless devices.

Additional features include:

  • Support for up to 100 DM-7500 wireless devices
  • True plug-and-play for hassle-free Internet configuration
  • No PC required for operation
  • Low-cost cellular service packages
  • Remote software upgrade capabilities
  • Local status LEDs with transmission and online status indicators
  • 50,000 sensor message memory
  • Watchdog function and online heartbeat control
  • AC power supply
  • Dual band CDMA (800/1900 MHz)

How do you exercise control? You control and monitor your devices from a simple online interface that sends your commands to the servers, back through the gateway, and onto the devices. Control may be simple – turn on, turn off – or it may involve intricate schedules and sensor interactions that can orchestrate millions of devices. Through the many monitoring functions that allow alerts, analysis and reporting of real-time conditions and data, you gain the ability to keep a virtual finger on your property’s energy pulse.

Wireless Sensor Technology:

Powered by AA batteries – and featuring a new flanged housing for easy mounting to various surfaces – our wireless temperature sensors employ a thermistor to measure temperature. This type of sensor is perfect for temperature-critical applications such as facility and room temperature monitoring. The user customization feature allows you to set the frequency of readings, and enables you to set thresholds for system notifications.

The wireless high-temperature sensor packs an RTD to accurately measure temperatures in the range of -58°F to 700°F, making it the perfect choice for high-temperature-critical applications such as DHW, pre-post mix, and chimney temp. With user customization, you can easily set the frequency of sensor readings and create notifications from the system when certain criteria are met or exceeded.

Customized Alerts:

One of our DM-7500’s most powerful features is its endless ability for custom alerts. Once specified conditions are met and a user-defined delay interval elapses, the server generates unlimited massages to users assigned to the account. Alerts can be set up to monitor and send alerts to an email account or to a mobile device as a text message. It doesn’t matter where in the world or in what time zone you may be: deploying a Direct M Controls solution keeps you connected from anywhere, 24/7, so you are immediately informed of issues as they occur.

Below are some of the most commonly used alerts:

  • Apartment temp too high/too low
  • Hot water temp too high/too low
  • Boiler not turning on when system calls for heat
  • Battery level low
  • Water detected
  • Carbon monoxide detected
  • Communication with sensor lost
  • System is offline
  • and many more

Graphs and Analysis:

Graphs are among the most powerful tools for analyzing your building’s energy usage compared to outdoor temperatures. Comprehensive graphs help you determine the readings of one sensor versus those of other sensors. These graphs are also useful when comparing one apartment to another, providing the building engineer with a clear window into the balance of your heating system. You get flexibility at your fingertips, with the ability to choose which sensors are to be included in a single chart by simply selecting the desired sensors and clicking the chart icon. It’s that easy.

Proactive Monitoring:

As part of our overarching solution, we offer active monitoring for all your buildings, identifying hidden inefficiencies and proactively addressing issues as they arise. Our monitoring service helps reduce the cost of fuel and increases the efficiency of your building. Our full-time, full-service team becomes an extension of your own management team, alerting you and your staff to abnormal patterns in fuel consumption. You also receive concise monthly and annual reports about your portfolio, and we are never more than a phone call away from our expert guidance.

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